Forward’s new shoe factory is on the outskirts of Chennai, close to the International airport. The site covers 40,000 sq.mts with a covered area approaching 25,000 sq.mts.


Artist impression 1c

 The factory layouts were designed by a German specialist consulting firm with the aim of reaching the best-of-European productivity levels.


First production started at the beginning of February 2008, and over the following 2 years the factory will build up to a capacity of 10,000 pairs a day.


The factory is made up of 5 halls and a Customer Centre.  Hall 1 will be for upper production and will house 5 cut / stitch lines producing 1,500 pairs of upper per day and with a facility for 300 pairs of samples per day.  Hall 2 will be a central material store for the Forward Shoe Division.  Halls 3 and 4 will house 10 state-of-the-art marking lines producing 10,000 pairs of shoes per day.

Hall 5 will be a finished goods store.


*         Full Shoe Division

*         New Shoe Factory


*         Conceria Virginia Chennai


*         Suolificio Chennai




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